Suptv instruction

Suptv features

Suptv aka Procaja iptv or Powerhd iptv is a satellite and streaming service launched long time ago,which offers its users access to more than 9600 live channels for now,also 14000 movies and 695 series. And it mainly focuses on Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic live channels, it caters users mostly in Europe but it also offers services in Latino, USA, Africa and Asia.

What attracts the customers most is that Suptv offers more than 520 Spanish complete live channels, which includes movistar, dazn,7*24 series, etc., as a veteran in IPTV field for around 10 years, I share the same concern with all other customers that how Suptv goes during the live sports, such as La Liga, Champions League etc.. By using Suptv for more than 1 year, the stability and quality clears all my doubts and concerns, it offers all versions of Live Sports channels including SD,HD,FULL HD,2K,4K for different internet conditions what's more, it contains many different streams for one channel which you see many duplicated channels in the list, don't get upset, it's different streams which guarantee when one stream is down, you can choose the other stream for the same channels,it's belt and braces approach.

Suptv reseller panel

Suptv also offers reseller program, it's 1 credit = 1 month, 12 credits = 12 months, in the panel, you can create your own Suptv test, and it starts counting when the first time you use it, which means if you didn't use it, then it will remain valid.

How to use Suptv

People always asked us how we use Suptv on Andriod TV box, Smartphone, iPhone, Smart tv, we will do specific blogs about how to use it on them step by step, right here, we will recomend the most suitable apps on them. For Android tv box and android smart phone, we mainly recommend IPTV smarters pro app which is easy to use, you can use the xtream api codes about username, password, URL, also you can use the m3u link on it. The User interface is very friendly, channels are categries by countries. Both Search and Favourites functions are in the APP, which makes users convinient to locate the channels which they you want. For iPhone, it's little bit different than Android, previously it has IPTV smarters pro app, however, it's been deleted months ago, in this case, we recommend using GSE smart IPTV which accepts xtream api codes and m3u link too. For Smart tv, for most of the case, we recommend smart iptv app, which you can go to their website, and bind the m3u link with the mac id of smart iptv app. However, in some smart tvs, it doesn't have smart iptv app anymore, so we recommend Duplex app or Net iptv app.


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